How to Address a Governor in Writing?

Answer Writing a letter to your state governor is one way to make your voice heard in the government. If you want to write a letter to the governor and address him or her in writing then all you really ne... Read More »

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How would you address a governor of a state?

Criminal youth should definitely have their privacy protected. Not only does it show respect for them as a person but it will help them return to their normal lives after they have served their time.

How to Address a Native American Governor?

If you are hosting an event, and you plan to invite a governor who is a Native American, then you need to address him with an official title. There are several different ways to address a Native Am... Read More »

How to Address Websites When Writing an Essay?

To write a successful essay, thoroughly research your topic. The Internet can be an excellent source of information, but some websites are more reliable than others. Each website has a specific web... Read More »

Who was the last retiring president to deliver a State of the Union address either in person or in writing?

the purpose of the state of union address is i have no idea