How to Address a Catholic Monsignor and a Cardinal?

Answer The hierarchy of Catholic Church leadership can be confusing to those unfamiliar with its intricacies. Clergy are accorded specific titles of address based on their ranking. Cardinals and monsignor... Read More »

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What does a Catholic cardinal wear on his head?

The Catholic cardinal wears a biretta on his head. It is square-shaped hat and is made of silk. While other members of the Catholic clergy wear a biretta, the color specific to the Cardinal's biret... Read More »

How do I address a Catholic priest?

Father is ProperAddressing a Catholic priest using "Father" and his first name, "Father" and his last name, or simply "Father" are all acceptable and respectful greetings.Take NoticePay attention t... Read More »

How to Address Catholic Clergy?

When speaking to members of the clergy, titles and addresses can be tricky. Depending upon where one resides, and where the clergy person resides, titles can vary from minor changes to major shifts... Read More »

How do I address a letter to a Catholic priest?

For the EnvelopeWrite the courtesy title "The Reverend Father" before the priest's first and last name, according to "The Amy Vanderbilt Complete Book of Etiquette: 50th Anniversary Edition." Inclu... Read More »