How to Address Opponents in a Debate?

Answer Debating occurs within a professional environment, which includes adequate attire and a strong sense of respect for your topic, your opponent and the process of debating. Addressing your opponent i... Read More »

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How to Address a Debate?

You may be good at making a point when arguing with your family or a close friend, but a debate is arguing with a difference. A debate has a definite structure, time limit and sometimes you may hav... Read More »

How to Intimidate Opponents?

Are you afraid of an opponent who is taller and stronger than you? Do you feel nervous or lose your confidence in front of them? Here is something to help you out.

How to Fight off Multiple Opponents?

Contrary to what is shown in the movies, fighting multiple attackers is almost always a losing proposition, and the harm you face is likely to be more severe than if only facing a single opponent. ... Read More »

How to Outsmart Opponents at Starcraft?

Starcraft, which is considered to be the best RTS games ever made, offers an unique design in which every unit of the game is different in some way besides the graphic depiction. This design allows... Read More »