How to Address Black Envelopes?

Answer Black or other dark-colored envelopes can be a refreshing change from the usual white or cream-colored ones. Black envelopes stand out readily in a stack or pile of white envelopes, drawing the add... Read More »

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How do i address envelopes with the return address on the back?

Recipient's AddressPlace the items you wish to mail into the envelope and seal it. Turn the envelope to the front and print the recipient's address in the center of the envelope. List the person's ... Read More »

How do I address envelopes in the USA?

Placement of the EnvelopePosition the envelope on a hard surface with the flap facing downward. The plain bare side should be on top.Return LabelWrite the sender's name in the far left corner of th... Read More »

How do I address envelopes with c/o?

NamesWrite or type the name of the person receiving the mailing on the first line in the destination area of the envelope or package. On the second line, write or type "c/o" followed with the name ... Read More »

How to Address Envelopes to Japan?

The Japanese postal system uses many methods that are unlike those used in the Western world. For example, when writing in Japanese, they write the address in a reverse order, starting with the pos... Read More »