How to Add in Seatbelts to Vintage Cars?

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Why were seatbelts invented for cars?

Nils Bohlin is the inventor of the modern three-point seat belt. He first created his invention to improve the safety of automobile passengers. According to, "Early tests showed that the... Read More »

What year were seatbelts put in cars?

Seat belts were first offered in cars in 1949. Nash was the first car manufacturer to offer seat belts in cars. Saab was the first manufacturer to make seat belts standard in their cars.Source:The ... Read More »

When were seatbelts first installed in cars?

Seat Belt Legistlation in the World…EVOLMENT OF SEAT BELTS.. AND IMANDATORY SEAT BELT INSTALLTIONS LAW MANDATORY FOR SEAT BELTS IN 1968The first seat belts... Read More »

Differences Between New & Vintage Cars?

Vintage cars are those built between 1918 and 1930, a product of the industrial revolution that followed the end of World War I. Such models as the Ford Model A, Cadillac V16, Jaguar XJ 6 and Fiat ... Read More »