How to Add and Subtract Negatives?

Answer Once you've mastered adding and subtracting integers, the next logical step is learning to perform the same operations on negative numbers. There's only 1 right answer for each combination of negat... Read More »

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Does anyone know of a scanner that is capable of scanning in 126 negatives or older negatives of unknown film?

Get the newer HP scanners which will scan transparencies, films and negatives.

How to Subtract?

Subtraction is a simple mathematical operation that determines the difference between two numbers. Subtract smaller numbers mentally or use a pen and paper or electronic device for more complicated... Read More »

How to Add & Subtract Inequalities?

Inequalities are mathematical expressions that use "", "=" symbols instead of "=." Inequalities work very similarly to equalities in most cases. The signs indicate the direction of the inequality. ... Read More »

How to Subtract 20% on a Calculator?

Learning to do basic math in your head is useful, but there are times when you need to make sure you are calculating the problem exactly. Calculators have now become more convenient as they are ava... Read More »