How to Add and Subtract Matrices?

Answer Adding and subtracting matrices is as easy as adding and subtracting "ordinary" numbers.

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How to Find Matrices?

Matrices are tables of numbers set up in rows and columns. To add or subtract matrices, both sets of numbers must have the same number of rows and columns. You add or subtract the number in the cor... Read More »

How to Multiply Matrices?

The method required to multiply matrices isn't obvious. Unlike numbers, matrices cannot usually be swapped around and still give the same product, and each element of the product may require a lot ... Read More »

How to Solve Matrices?

Matrices (the plural of matrix) are a convenient way of organizing linear functions and systems of equations. Before you can move on to the higher-math applications of matrices, you have to master ... Read More »

How to Clear Matrices on a TI-84?

Matrices are rectangular arrays that contain numbers or elements. Matrices can be stored on a TI-84 graphing calculator to perform matrix operations on the calculator. Common matrix operations are ... Read More »