How to Add and Subtract Fractions on a Number Line?

Answer A number line is a horizontal line that extends to infinity in both directions. Each point on a number line represents a unit of measurement. The center point on the line is the origin, represented... Read More »

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How to Help With Number Line Fractions?

As students progress in their math classes, they will have to start applying basic concepts from one area to different areas of study. For example, they may need to apply their knowledge of fractio... Read More »

How to Graph Fractions on a Number Line?

Number lines are visual aids that make it easier to compare groups of numbers. Most number lines resemble rulers, in that they are horizontal lines divided by evenly-spaced markers labeled with who... Read More »

How to Teach Fractions Using a Number Line?

University of Minnesota researchers have found that the visual number line representation of a fraction can be used successfully as a teaching tool if multiple correctly labeled number lines are us... Read More »

How to Draw a Number Line From 0 to 1 for Each Set of Fractions?

Drawing number lines is a skill that is often taught during middle school. Number lines can be used to put fractions in order. As you move from left to the right on the number line, fractions incr... Read More »