How to Add an Address to Dogpile?

Answer Dogpile is what's known as a "metasearch engine." Unlike a traditional search engines, such as Google, metasearch engines don't use crawlers to gather direct information about the material publishe... Read More »

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How do I add a video to Dogpile?

Add Video URL to Search EnginesAdd your video to Dogpile by listing the video website with Google, Bing and Yahoo!, the three search engines that Dogpile pulls information from. Click on "About G... Read More »

How do I add my Web page to Dogpile?

Add your Web page to one of the following Web search engines, Google, Yahoo, Bing or Dogpile takes all of its results from these search engines. Each of those search engines has its own su... Read More »

How to Add Dogpile to a Desktop?

Adding Dogpile to a desktop can save computer users both time and effort. Rather than opening a Web browser and typing in the URL, users can simply click on the desktop shortcut for Dogpile and gai... Read More »

Can I buy stock in Dogpile?

You can invest in Dogpile, the search engine compiler, by buying stock in InfoSpace, the company that owns Dogpile. Contact a stock broker or open an online brokerage account. InfoSpace owns four b... Read More »