How to Add a Watermark to a Page in Microsoft Word?

Answer Have you ever thought of how an organization puts a big label such as "Confidential" or its name at the background of every page? It looks like that firm has some special software's or some special... Read More »

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How many words fit on a page in Microsoft Word?

The amount of words that can fit on a page in Microsoft Word depends on many variables. Variables include length of words, size of font, font type, line and paragraph spacing, size of margins and ... Read More »

How to Create 2 Cards Per Page With Microsoft Word?

Whether you are creating a thank-you card, a postcard or a name tag, you can save paper by fitting two cards on a standard size page. You can create one card and copy it to fit two to a page, or yo... Read More »

How do I delete a blank page in Microsoft Word?

Click on the blank Microsoft Word page that you wish to delete. Click towards the top of the blank page in order to place the cursor tool inside the file. Hit the "Delete" key on your keyboard unti... Read More »

How to Flip the Page Sideways in Microsoft Word?

Page orientation makes it possible to flip a page sideways in Microsoft Word. You'll find two options under the page orientation. One is portrait, the default orientation, which displays pages vert... Read More »