How to Add a Sound to a VLC Player?

Answer When you want to listen to a sound on your computer, you might prefer to use VLC, the free media player from VideoLAN. VLC plays a variety of video and audio file formats. For example, you might ha... Read More »

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I have a Phillips DVD player with surround sound. If I buy a Blue ray DVD player say Sony can I replace the Phillips DVD player with a new Blue ray so I can still use the existing surround sound?

No they can't. Most commercial discs have a region code and players will check the region before playing. If the region code is not the same as the player, it simply won't play. This is a commercia... Read More »

Currently have 5.1 sorround sound speaker system setup using HDMI2 on my LG DVD Player and TV. I Recently purchased a PS3 and want to enjoy the sound on both systems how can i go about doing this?

See if the sysem has an Optical imput on it then if it does simply get a optical cable and plug it in and set up the sound on your ps3

You hooked up surround sound to your hd tv and it only works on the DVD and not the directv How do you wire it so both the DVD player and directv come through the surround sound?

Why is there a humming sound on your blu-ray player?

It's not called "Blue-ray DVD" it's just called "Blu-Ray" and it is just a DVD that is able to hold a longer movie with better audio and picture quality for High Definition movies.