How to Add a Sissy Bar to a Suzuki GS850?

Answer The GS850 is a motorcycle manufactured by Suzuki between the years 1979 and 1988. The factory models of the GS850 were not equipped with a sissy bar, which is a metal bar equipped on the rear of mo... Read More »

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Suzuki C50 Sissy Bar Mounting Instructions?

The Suzuki C50 Boulevard is a motorcycle in the cruiser class of bikes. It has a nominal ground clearance of 5-1/2 inches for leg comfort while balancing the bike at stops. The stock rear seat is h... Read More »

How to Remove a Sissy Bar?

Sissy bars are great when you're riding with your favorite buddy, but sometimes you just need to ride solo; and without someone sitting on the passenger seat, a sissy bar sticks out like a sore thu... Read More »

How to Mount a Sissy Bar on a Yamaha 650?

The Yamaha 650 has maintained an appreciation in the motorcycle community among designers, owners and enthusiasts since Yamaha ceased production in 1985. Many favor the 650 for its durable, long-li... Read More »

How is Harry Styles a sissy?

In what way does Harry styles act like a sissy? There just ignorant don't listen to people. He's a nice young man, and he gets "hate" because he's in a boy band.... please haters are just mean.All ... Read More »