How to Add a Phone Extension to a Motorola Droid?

Answer The Motorola Droid is a smart phone offered by Verizon Wireless with Internet, Bluetooth and MP3 capabilities, in addition to many other features. The Droid is user-friendly, which adds to the simp... Read More »

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How to Add an Extension to a Phone Number for Auto Dialing With the Motorola Droid?

Do you have a contact stored in your Motorola Droid whose phone number requires an extension? If so, you can easily program your Motorola Droid to store your contact's extension and dial it at the ... Read More »

Should I buy an LG Extrvert basic cell phone or a Motorola Droid 4 smartphone?

do the basic cell, save ur money and get it later.

How to Root a Motorola Droid?

This is just like Jailbreaking an iPhone, but it is for the Motorola Droid, This article was written for Android 2.0.1

How do you put music on the motorola Droid?

Easy.-Connect your Droid to your computer using the cord provided.-On your phone a exclamation point and the USB symbol appear in the top left hand corner. put your finger on it and drag it towards... Read More »