How to Add a New Phone to BitPim?

Answer BitPim is a computer application that allows users to view and organize information on cellular phones. It can manipulate data that includes ringtones, calendars and phone book information. The pro... Read More »

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Were do you get the BitPim?

android is good but not the best , ios is the worlds most advance os.

Does BitPim work with a Blackberry?

BitPim does not work with Blackberry devices. BitPim is a program that allows you to view and change data on certain CDMA cellular telephones. Currently supported cellular telephones include phones... Read More »

Does BitPim work with the Motorola V9?

The Motorola V9 is not officially supported in the most current version of BitPim. The only Motorola phones that feature confirmed BitPim compatibility are the E815, V325, V3c, V3m and V710.Refere... Read More »

How to Send Photos from Your LG VX5500 Cellphone to Your PC with BitPim?

If you're having trouble sending photos from your LG-VX5500 cellphone to your PC, here's how to do it.