How to Add a Magnifying Glass to Your Personal Care Implements?

Answer Perhaps you have a travel kit or a small section in your bathroom dedicated to personal care implements like tweezers, nail clippers, toiletries, makeup and first aid items. Another addition to you... Read More »

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How to Use a Magnifying Glass?

As we get old, close up vision begins to deteriorate. For reading, you may not need things clearer, but bigger.

Experiments With a Magnifying Glass?

A magnifying glass is a convex glass lens. It can enable you to undertake numerous simple experiments. A magnifying glass can increase the size of objects when you look through the glass lens and c... Read More »

How to Pop a Balloon With a Magnifying Glass?

Teaching children how to pop a balloon with a magnifying glass is an interesting way to demonstrate how the power of the sun increases under magnification. This activity is enjoyable at birthday pa... Read More »

When was the first magnifying glass invented?

The magnifying glass was originally used as a "burning glass" to light fires and was developed in the ancient world. However, it was Roger Bacon in 1268 who discovered that the magnifying glass cou... Read More »