How to Add a Guitar Strap to Your Acoustic Guitar?

Answer A guitar strap is the thin piece of leather or cloth that players attach to the instrument to allow them to play standing up. For electric guitars, attaching a strap is very easy; there are simply ... Read More »

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How to Put on a Guitar Strap for an Acoustic Guitar?

Most acoustic guitars have one strap button (also called an "end pin") on the back end of the guitar. While some manufactures install a second strap button under the neck heel for strap attachment,... Read More »

How to Buy an Acoustic Guitar Strap?

The best strap for an electric guitar may not work as well on an acoustic guitar. Here's what to look for.

How to Install a Tying Acoustic Guitar Strap?

Many acoustic guitars are fitted with only one strap button on the tail end of the guitar. On this style of instrument, the opposite end of the strap is meant to be tied at the top of the headstock... Read More »

How to Make a Strap Lock for Your Acoustic Guitar?

Does your acoustic that you got from a family member lack a second strap lock to fit your strap? Well here is where all of your troubles end.