How to Add a Group on Facebook?

Answer Facebook is an online social media application that allows users to interact with friends, coworkers, family and other acquaintances. It also helps users make new friends and coordinate events thro... Read More »

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How do you make someone an admin of a group on Facebook, when you created the group?

1)edit group profile2)edit member3)make or remove admin

If I make a facebook group, will all my friends on my friends list know that I am the creator of the group?

yes, they can see who the admin of the group is - you cant hide that

On Facebook if i delete a group will group members know i delete it?

you will not able to delete a fb group if you are not admin of that group. Only you can leave that group then they will not notified it

How to Tag a Group on Facebook?

The Facebook process called "tagging" is one that allows Facebook account holders to notify other Facebook users that a post or photo involving them has been placed on the site. There are two types... Read More »