How to Add a Drain to a Stock Tank?

Answer A large stock tank can be useful in the garden or one the homestead. Filled with water, it serves as a watering trough for livestock or as a tank for raising koi, tilapia or other large fish. Howev... Read More »

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How to Drain the Gas Tank on a VW Bug?

There is no simple access point near the gas tank when draining the gas from a VW Bug, also known as a Beetle. Instead, drain it from the fuel line under the car, near the left rear wheel. Any othe... Read More »

How to Drain a Gas Tank on an Old Van?

Old vans may have collected sludge from years of use, affecting the mileage and efficiency of the vehicle. To get all of the gas out of the tank of an old van in order to replace it or for another ... Read More »

How to Drain the Gas Tank of a Car?

If you ever have to drain the gas tank of your car for any reason, you don't have to break your back. It's not as easy getting the gas out as it was to get it in, but you can empty your tank withou... Read More »

How to Drain an Oil Tank?

There are a number of reasons you might want to drain your oil tank. Maybe you're switching to a different fuel source and need to empty the old tanks. Maybe you're replacing the tanks and need to ... Read More »