How to Add a Consecutive Series of Numbers in Your Head?

Answer The ability to quickly add a long string of consecutive numbers in your head is a real party show-stopper! Imagine being at a party, and being able to quickly and accurately add all the numbers fro... Read More »

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How to Add 5 Consecutive Numbers Quickly?

Bet someone you can add five consecutive integers faster than they can. You can use this as a bar trick, with your friends, or (if you are a student) impress your teacher!

How to Add a Sequence of Consecutive Odd Numbers?

Adding a sequence of consecutive odd numbers is easy. But to do this fast, follow the following steps.

What is the longest consecutive running Science Fiction TV series?

Previously, the name of the show was Stargate SG-1. It ran for a total of 10 years (1997-2007), with 214 consecutive 1 hour episodes, as recorded into the Guiness Book of World Records. As of Apri... Read More »

How to Square Numbers in Your Head?

Almost everyone owns a mobile phone with a calculator function in 2011, which makes multiplication a breeze. However, if you are want to get mental exercise, build memory power or want to impress y... Read More »