How to Add a Bold Line to a Word Doc?

Answer Microsoft Word helps you create a wide range of print-formatted documents, including letters, resumes, labels, brochures and forms. Although its primary focus is the layout and formatting of text, ... Read More »

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In MS Word how do you format the font to be bold but underlined in normal?

Some key items you forgot to let us know about: • Which version of MS-Word you are using. • Which Font you are attempting to do this with.When I try this using MS-Word 2003 with the "Times... Read More »

Manual line breaks in Word... How do I format the first and second line differently?

You can not do it the way you tried.Shift-Enter gives you a manual line break. This gives you a new line but not a new paragraph. Centering is a paragraph format. You can not apply a paragraph form... Read More »

What is it called when a word processor automatically takes the next word to a new line?

Word processing software employs the use of word wrap, a function by which the word processor moves words at the end of one line to a new line of text based on factors, such as the length of the li... Read More »

How do I MS Word to automatically capitalize the first word of each line?

From at least version 2000 up of MS-Word, every time that you start a new line, the first character of that first word will automatically be capitalized by the application. One just needs to make ... Read More »