How to Add Zebra Prints Onto Your Hair?

Answer Having a Zebra Print in your Hair is scene hair; it can be great if you work it out in all the right ways. This article tells you how to get sexy, fun, scene and playful hair, that can be worn any ... Read More »

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How to Dye Your Hair With Animal Prints?

Show your wild side by dyeing your hair with an animal print. Rapper, Nicki Minaj added leopard prints to her hair for the 2011 Grammy Awards, and you can achieve a similarly glamorous look at home... Read More »

Can any paper be used to iron prints onto fabric?

You must use special heat transfer paper in order to transfer printed images to fabrics. Heat transfer papers are available for both light and dark fabrics in small quantities at hobby and art stor... Read More »

How to Braid Fake Hair Onto Your Real Hair?

Braid extensions are beautiful and trendy. Women pay hundreds of dollars and spend countless hours in the salon getting their hair braided. Micro braids, pixie braids, box braids and cornrows are s... Read More »

I just filled my ink cartridge and when it prints out it prints out pink what should i do?

Try running the cartridge head cleaning routine to get any dried ink out of the cartridge 's jet opening. Run the nozzle-check test and you will see which color is not printing. When the test shows... Read More »