How to Add Your Site to the Google Index?

Answer Adding your site to the Google Index means that viewers who use that search engine will have your website as an option when looking up relevant queries. Adding yourself to this index does not mean ... Read More »

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Is there something wrong with my web site or do I just need to wait for google to re index?

you website is indexed in google so it is not sandbox. Usually a new site get rank higher, than go into a sandbox, and then go into a more stable ranking (in your case you are in this stage now)In ... Read More »

My site is not being indexed inspite i have allowed robots.txt file to index my site please help me asap?'s not exactly easy to get front page search results for your website. if it's being indexed and says so in webmaster's being indexed. you can't just expect your site to be #... Read More »

Every single site on google tagged with "this site may harm your computer"?

its happening to everyone so dont worry you dont have a virus or anything. type the address directly into the search bar for now.

I have been writing for Google for two months, but I haven't made a penny. Google has posted ads on the site..?

Well you might have the best website in the world, if no body know you exist your screwed.if no body know you exist nobody can click on you adsi would have clicked on you ad if you would have joine... Read More »