How to Add Weight to the Front of My Car for Traction?

Answer Traction is important for motor vehicles in any environment. Traction helps decrease the friction between your vehicle and the ground surface. With this decrease, your car maintains its braking spe... Read More »

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What Can Be Done to Improve Traction on a Front Wheel Drive Car?

A front-wheel drive car has 60 percent of its weight placed over the front tires, creating more traction during acceleration. But any car can experience loss of traction in other situations, such a... Read More »

How to Put More Weight on the Front of My Front-Wheel Drive Car?

Added weight on the front end of a front-wheel-drive car will allow the car to have more traction on the road and perform better in inclement conditions such as a snowstorm. If there is not enough ... Read More »

What do you have to weight to be able to sit in the front seat?

Guidelines vary from state to state. In Washington state it is illegal for anyone under the age of 13 to sit in the front seat of a car if a rear seat is available, regardless of height or weight. ... Read More »

What is weight and height for front of a car?

it is not the same for all cars it depends seldom on the type of car and model