How to Add Water to a Tractor Tire?

Answer Tractors are designed to lift and carry heavy loads, but sometimes the load is heavier than the tractor which causes it to be unbalanced. This is dangerous because the tractor could tip over and ca... Read More »

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How to Plug a Tractor Tire?

When your tractor tire is punctured it will lose air. It will not be able to hold air in it until the hole is plugged, or patched. Small holes can be repaired on tractor tires using a plug patch. T... Read More »

How to Change a Tractor Tire?

Tractors are heavy-duty vehicles. Replacing an old worn tire is not an easy task, especially if you have never changed a tire. A tractor tire is heavy, and even if you are an expert, you must follo... Read More »

How to Remove a Tractor Tire?

Changing a tire is a task all tractor owners will have to face at least once. Before you can change a tractor tire, you first have to know how to remove the old tire properly and safely. Although t... Read More »

How do I change a tire on a garden tractor?

Removing an Old Garden Tractor TireDrive the garden tractor onto a flat, hard surface. Turn off the tractor, and place the tire jack under the frame closest to the damaged tire. Jack the tractor up... Read More »