How to Add Water Retaining Crystals to Plant Containers?

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What are water retaining crystals used for?

They are added to soil for the purpose of having them soak up and hold extra water. As the soil drys out, the water crystals slowly release their stored water, keeping the plant well watered. Used ... Read More »

How do I plant Arabic pottery plant containers?

AssessEvaluate your Arabic pottery piece, checking for drainage holes and cracks. Drill drainage holes if needed, using a hand drill. Measure the diameter of the piece's mouth.Purchase InsertsPurch... Read More »

How do I plant arabesque pottery plant containers?

PreparationCheck the bottom of the arabesque pot for drainage holes. If there aren't any, line the bottom of the pot with two inches of gravel or stones. You can also drill three holes in the botto... Read More »

Is Retaining Water After Sugar Intake Normal?

According to the American Council on Exercise, the human body is composed of 60 to 70 percent water. Because of this, your body will retain water as an attempt to keep your body's fluids at a healt... Read More »