How to Add Videos to iTunes As TV Shows with MetaX?

Answer How to add videos as TV shows to iTunes in Mac OS X.

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How can i use multiple videos cut together with my own music from itunes on mac, and send to youtube?

The simplest way to download is to put 'link' before youtube in the url. So...…becomes…Select the MP4 optionThen... Read More »

How come on itunes it shows all of your ringtone but on your iPhone 3g it only shows?

How come it shows on itunes all the ringtones i put onto my iphone 3g, but on my actual iphone it only shows a few of them? crap i dont like auto correct... it makes me mess up soo bad!!! LOL

How do you unlock and activate your iphone4 with iOS 4.1 and no saved SHSH for earlier version it is currently locked and only shows itunes logo and usb and emergency calls only?

Because one starts with an "a" and one starts with a "w"...

Buying TV shows on itunes, can you put it on disc?

You can put them on a backup disk but not one that will play in a DVD player. You can't download them again either so you really should be backing them up.