How to Add Transmission Fluid to a 1999 Honda Odyssey?

Answer Low transmission fluid indicates that your Honda Odyssey has a fluid leak. Unlike engine oil, transmission fluid does not burn off over time. If your transmission fluid is low, you'll need to check... Read More »

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How to Add Transmission Fluid to My 2001 Honda Odyssey?

Vehicle maintenance helps increase a vehicle's life span and its mileage. It also can help keep the vehicle price competitive for resale. You can save money if you know how to perform vehicle main... Read More »

How to Replace Transmission Fluid in a Honda Odyssey?

Clean fluid is essential for proper function of the transmission. Changing the transmission fluid every 30,000 miles will keep the transmission running smoothly and prevent major problems. This is ... Read More »

How to Change Transmission Fluid in a Honda Odyssey?

The Honda Odyssey comes equipped with an automatic transmission. Automatic transmission fluid keeps the internal parts cool and lubricated to reduce heat from friction. Once the automatic transmiss... Read More »

How to Add Automatic Transmission Fluid to a 2003 Honda Odyssey?

Unlike many vehicles, the 2003 Honda Odyssey requires owners to add transmission fluid while the engine is cold. It's important to make sure that the van is parked on an even surface and in park be... Read More »