How to Add Text over Video in Final Cut Pro?

Answer Final Cut Pro is a software application supported by Apple that allows users to create and edit videos. In Final Cut Pro, text, also known as titles, can be added to any video. Text can appear in y... Read More »

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How to Use Text, Video and Voice Overs in a Video Scrapbook?

Here are some basic rules of thumb on the use of text overlays, video, and voice-over's:

How to Add Video Transitions in Final Cut Pro?

In film editing, a transition is what occurs when the video switches from one scene to another. This can lessen the jarring nature of the quick starts and stops between scenes that would occur othe... Read More »

How to Log and Capture Video Footage in Final Cut Pro?

The following is a tutorial on how to log and capture footage from a DV tape camera into Final Cut Pro.

How do I make a video look old and worn using Final Cut Pro?

Hi Nick: There are a lot of FCP plug-ins that can achieve this effect (the most-subtle is the "FilmLook" software that HBO made famous before camcorders got better). The other trick to achieve the ... Read More »