How to Add Sparkle to Clear Nail Varnish?

Answer Clear nail varnish can be a little boring. Here is how to spice it up!

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Can nail varnish be removed?

Nail varnish, polish, or stain, can be removed. Use acetone to rub or soak the varnish and keep wiping until it is gone. If some varnish remains, use hydrogen peroxide to remove what is left.Source... Read More »

How to Apply Sparkle Nail Polish Without Chipping?

Sparkly, glittery nail polish can add an extra oomph to your outfit. The easy-to-apply polishes come in a variety of colors and with varying sizes of glitter. When applying this type of nail polish... Read More »

What color nail varnish is in fashion ?

Winter months I go with darker colors deep reds or darker pinks, purples, browns, pumpkin oranges. = )Summer bright color Pinks, soft reds, Peaches, corals, pearls. ect....That is my fashion on nai... Read More »

Alternatives to Nail Varnish Remover?

Nail varnish or polish remover is often made with acetone. Acetone polish removers do a good job of quickly removing nail polish from your nails and other surfaces. If you ever find yourself withou... Read More »