How to Add Solar Power to Your Robot?

Answer A solar panel serves a simple purpose, even in a device as complex as a robot: providing power in exactly the same way as a battery. However, the fluctuating nature of solar energy can damage such ... Read More »

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Other than "exterminate", "I am a robot" & "take me to your leader", what things might a robot notoriously say?

Robots would may say: Confirm, Affirmative, Delete, Terminate, Compatible, Proceed, Analysing content, scanning image, please stay calm updated will be proceeded, Treat Alert, Scanning visual cont... Read More »

How to Run Your House With Solar Power?

Unless you have $20K (US) or more to invest, running a typical household "off grid" is not possible; what many people take for granted as "essential", such as air conditioners and refrigerators, ar... Read More »

How to Install Solar Power at Your Home?

Are you considering installing solar panels at your home? If so, great idea. It will ultimately save you tens of thousands of dollars, reduce you carbon footprint and increase the value of your hom... Read More »

How to Live Sustainably With Solar Energy (Solar Photovoltaic / P.V. Electric Power)?

large solar panelsSolar energy is an easy-to-use, generally safe, clean, and renewable resource. Here's how to make the most of it for living off the grid, in a developing country, or even outside.... Read More »