How to Add References to Wikipedia?

Answer Do you want to add sources or references to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit? Have you maybe created an article, and then someone requests references? But you do not know how t... Read More »

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How to add "References" to Wikipedia?

Go to the end of the article, put {{reflist}} (with the curly braces), and save the changes. From what you've described, that is all you need to do.The tag puts small footnote links in the article... Read More »

How do I edit references on wikipedia?

Go to the first place that the broken reference is cited and update whatever is between the tags.The reflist is built dynamically based on tags in the article text - that way, if someone adds new... Read More »

Can references from wikipedia be used in a bibliography?

Depends on the citation style the teacher asked for. I don't completely understand why, but a lot of my daughter's teachers just hate Wikipedia with a passion, like it was Hitler or something. I to... Read More »

Do I can give references of flicker to panoramio photos in Wikipedia article?