How to Add Radicals?

Answer A radical is a check-like mathematical symbol that indicates a square root of a number within the radical. The square root of a number is the value that can be multiplied times itself to equal that... Read More »

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How to Simplify Radicals?

A radical is denoted by a mathematical symbol that looks a bit like a check mark (√). Numbers are placed inside the box to indicate that they need to be simplified into their smallest elements. A... Read More »

Properties of Radicals?

A radical is the opposite of an exponent. As an example, if a number is squared, the exponent is 2. If the square root of a number is taken, the number is placed under a radical sign. The radical n... Read More »

How to Factor Radicals?

A radical is a mathematical term for a fractional power, or root. The square root and cube root are both radicals. These are numbers that, when multiplied by themselves the appropriate number of ti... Read More »

Help With Radicals in Math?

Algebra can be a difficult subject for middle and high school students alike as the year progresses and problems become more involved and difficult. Radicals can be especially complex because there... Read More »