How to Add Plugins to Project Dogwaffle?

Answer Adding plugins to a software gives it extra flexibility and power that it didn't come with. Read this article to learn how to add them to Project Dogwaffle.

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How to Install and Use Project Dogwaffle?

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How to Adjust Brushes in Project Dogwaffle?

Cute drawing made with Project DogwaffleProject Dogwaffle is a software that you can get in a free version (V. 1.2) or a very reasonably priced Pro version (5.x). It's a great software that offers ... Read More »

How to Particle Paint With Project Dogwaffle?

Playing with Project Dogwaffle HowlerProject Dogwaffle is a different type of graphics software. One of the 'funner' things about it is the ability to paint with particles. While they aren't as ext... Read More »

How to Use the Custom Brush Tool in Project Dogwaffle?

Flower made with the Custom Brush toolProject Dogwaffle is 'all about' its brushes, and it has an extremely wide variety of brushes that you can both make and use. Project Dogwaffle has a tool that... Read More »