How to Add Paper to Clay?

Answer Adding paper in clay makes the quality better, and it's almost free, too. Now let's make the paper clay!

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How to Make Clay Slip and Paper Clay to Correct Cracks in a Sculpture?

Paper clay is a form of clay used in pottery to which strips of paper is added. The paper reinforces the clay, making it much stronger once it dries. The paper clay can be used to create a sculptur... Read More »

How do I throw paper clay?

Positioning the ClayPosition the clay on the wheel when it is at its lowest speed. Ensure the clay twirls symmetrically.Clay MoldingMold the clay into the desired shape. Remember paper clay has cer... Read More »

How to Make Paper Clay?

Paper clay (not to be confused with "Creative Paperclay, an air-drying clay), also called fiber clay, is a mixture of normal ceramic clay and paper fibers.You can use paper clay just like normal cl... Read More »

How to Make Air Hardening Paper Clay?

Creating clay projects can be very expensive. Not only do you have to purchase the clay, you must buy special tools, such as a kiln to dry and harden your piece, in order to finish a project. If yo... Read More »