How to Add Oil to a Massey 165 Tractor?

Answer The Massey 165 is a small 58-horsepower tractor perfect for the small to mid-range jobs on your farm or job site -- including mowing, tilling or leveling. For the engine and body to have a long lif... Read More »

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What Are the Causes of Low Oil Pressure in a 245 Massey Tractor?

The "Massey" or Massey Ferguson 245 tractor was manufactured from 1976 through 1983. Massey Ferguson offered the 245 with either a Continental, four-cylinder, 145-cubic-inch gas engine, or a 152-cu... Read More »

How to Change a Rear Tractor Wheel on a Massey-Harris?

The Massey-Harris, the predecessor to the Massey Ferguson, is a vintage farm tractor. The rear tires on some Massey-Harris tractors are extremely large. Even so, they do sometimes go flat. Since th... Read More »

How Do I Check Hydraulic Fluid on a Massey Ferguson 1220 Tractor?

The Massey Ferguson 1220 is a small, 20-horsepower tractor used for many small jobs. It includes a hydraulic system for an optional loader, and a three-point hitch; the latter is used for raising ... Read More »

Tractor problem!! there is a old 3 wheel tractor on my farm from the coventry victor motor company?

It could be a 'Newman' - some of those had a Coventry Victor engine.See the link below, the second one in the list / photos, model Newman AN3.Edit - more pictures added, a large version of the firs... Read More »