How to Add More Gigabytes to My Computer?

Answer There are multiple ways to add additional storage to your desktop or laptop computer. Depending on your level of computer expertise, you may want to opt for a simpler solution such as a USB flash d... Read More »

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Whats more megabytes or gigabytes?

1bit= 0 or 11byte=8 bit1Kilobyte=1024 Byte1 Mega Byte= 1024 Kilo Byte1 Giga byte= 1024 Mega byte1 Tera Byte=1024 Giga Byte1 Googlebyte=1 share of Google stock1 Bubbabyte= 1 piece of bubalicious1 lo... Read More »

Is megabytes more than gigabytes?

GB is equivalent to 1,024MB. But remember - MORE ISN'T ALWAYS BETTER. If the 1GB RAM is PC2100, but the 512MB RAM is PC2-5300 or so, the 512MB RAM system is better. Also, if the 200GB hard drive... Read More »

Is 4 gigabytes memory and 2 terabytes of storage a lot for a home computer to have?

Yeah, the average RAM* for a home PC is about 512meg. HDD** average is about 250gig^. I'm going to build a PC with a 500gig HDD and 2gig RAM. 2 Terabytes^^ is a lot of storage, after formatting it ... Read More »

Computer does not go into safe mode when I hold down the F8 key as the computer starts back up (more)?

The moment the computer begins to boot up hold down F8.If you wait for Windows to boot it will be too late.It should beep but ignore it until the option window comes up.It that does not work, than ... Read More »