How to Add Manual Transmission Fluid to a 1990 Chevy Beretta?

Answer The Beretta is a coupe vehicle designed and manufactured by General Motors under the Chevrolet name brand. The 1990 Beretta came with a five-speed manual transmission. It's important to check your ... Read More »

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How to Fix a 1990 Chevy Beretta Heater That Smokes & Makes Noise When Turned On?

The heater blower motor on a 1990 Chevy Beretta will make a loud noise, and in severe cases smoke, when the bearing or commutator has worn out. The blower motor is located under the hood on the pas... Read More »

Is there a transmission fluid change for a manual transmission?

Yes, but the necessity of changing fluid depends on your vehicle. Some newer models are essentially maintenance-free; refer to the owner's manual of your make and model. If there is any noise or pe... Read More »

How to Put Fluid in a Manual Transmission?

Adding fluid to a manual transmission is more difficult than adding fluid to an automatic transmission. For an automatic transmission, you just pop the hood and add the fluid into the dipstick hole... Read More »

How to Fill a Manual Transmission With Fluid?

Checking and refilling the manual transmission fluid on your car is part of the maintenance service schedule that keeps your car in good working condition. The procedure is simple but varies depend... Read More »