How to Add Language Files to a Windows 7 Gateway Laptop?

Answer Whether English is your second language or you simply want to explore other language settings for your Gateway laptop, Windows 7 makes it relatively easy to change the display language for your com... Read More »

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How to Replace Windows Vista on a Gateway Laptop?

Windows Vista can be replaced on any Gateway laptop or notebook model that is able to run the operating system (OS). Replacing the operating system is done by reinstalling the OS over a previous in... Read More »

Adding another language on my Windows XP laptop?

Yes, that works. You can switch between input methods by pressing ALT + SHIFT. You can switch from romaji to hiragana/direct input with ALT + ` (the key with the tilde on it, below "Esc" on most ke... Read More »

My hp laptop windows xp is destroying files on usb disk.?

yeah you got something fishy working on your pc .. i would clean everything you need off it and format that thing ..

How do I do a reinstall on a Gateway laptop?

InstructionsTurn on the laptop, and locate Windows Device Manager. Click on the icon, and note which hardware drivers are displaying a yellow mark.Log on to the Internet, and look for the Gateway d... Read More »