How to Add Hydraulic Oil to '96 Javelin Boats?

Answer When you need to add hydraulic oil in your 1996 Javelin boat, you need to know where to put the oil, and what to do when you find it. Like most boats, the oil needs to be checked often -- every tim... Read More »

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Who makes Javelin Boats?

Javelin brand boats are made by the Murfreesboro Tennessee-based Stratos boats, a division of Genmar Industries Inc. Genmar, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is the largest United States recreati... Read More »

Who manufactures Javelin boats?

Javelin Boats are manufactured by Javelin Boat Company, a division of Genmar Holdings, Incorporated. Genmar consists of 12 companies and builds more than 300 models of boats. Among Genmar's boat li... Read More »

Do all boats have a hydraulic steering reservoir?

Not all boats have a hydraulic steering reservoir. There are several types of steering mechanisms in boats; for example, cable steering, electronic steering and direct drives, as well as hydraulic ... Read More »

Hydraulic Brakes Vs. Hydraulic Lifts?

All hydraulic machines work by means of Pascal's Principle. Pascal's Principle states that when there is an increase in pressure on an enclosed fluid, pressure increases by the same amount everywhe... Read More »