How to Add Healthy Fat to Your Diet?

Answer Fat is a necessary part of your diet because the body relies on it for many different functions, including your brain health, immune system function, and digestion. However, not all fats are create... Read More »

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How to Give Your Guinea Pig a Good, Healthy Diet?

Guinea pigs need fresh hay at all timesIf you love your guinea pig you want the best diet for it. This diet is useful for your piggies its healthy and very tasty!

How does a healthy diet affect your body?

To start off it will speed up your metabolism and cause you to lose fat quickly.. It also will stimulate you and keep you more awake alert and overall functioning for longer periods of time. Not t... Read More »

Are you eating the healthy fish that you should Are these in your diet?

If it was up to me i would live on sea food but i cant afford it. I could live on a strict diet of shrimp and cocktail sauce. Monday fried shrimp, Tuesday coconut shrimp, wednesday shrimp scampi, t... Read More »

How can you increase your height if you're 15 years old and 5 foot 1 and you do everything to make yourself taller including a healthy diet and sports?

After I read your question a couple of times I think I figured out what you are asking. If you think your height is stunted, you need to consult a doctor. If your parents are extremely tall, for in... Read More »