How to Add Gradients for an OpenOffice Document?

Answer In most of the OpenOffice productivity suite applications, you add a color gradient to an object by selecting from a menu of available gradients. However, in OpenOffice Draw, you can actually add g... Read More »

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What do you save a document as for OpenOffice for Mac?

An ordinary text document created in OpenOffice should be saved as an OpenDocument Text, or ODT, file. This type of file can also be manipulated with NeoOffice, KWord, AbiWord and Google Docs.Refer... Read More »

How do I add captions to an OpenOffice document?

Right-click on the OpenOffice Writer object for which you want to add a caption. You can use captions for several types of insertions such as pictures, tables, frames and charts. Choose "Caption" t... Read More »

How do I convert an OpenOffice document to Excel?

Open File in CalcOpen your Calc program--the OpenOffice spreadsheet program--and Click "File" and "Open" to browse to the file you want to convert.Open Your OpenOffice FileLeft-click on the file yo... Read More »

How do I assign a macro to a key stroke in an OpenOffice document?

Create the MacroOpen an OpenOffice document. Click on "Tools" in the main menu, and then select "Macro" > "Record Macro". Perform the series of events you wish to record, then click "Stop Recording... Read More »