How to Add Freon to a Mercedes?

Answer If your Mercedes' air conditioner is not producing cool enough air or is taking a long time to cool the vehicle, this may be primarily due to low refrigerant in your air conditioner system. Refrige... Read More »

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How to Convert a 1992 Cadillac 4.9 From R-12 Freon to R-134 Freon?

If your pre-1994 Cadillac needs air conditioning work, or simply needs the system recharged, the most cost-effective thing you can do is convert the system to R-134 freon. Because it was phased out... Read More »

How to Replace the Mercedes Emblem With a Mercedes Button?

Replacing your Mercedes Benz hood emblem with a flat hood badge is a straightforward procedure requiring minimal tools and only a few minutes of your time. Installing a badge in place of the tradit... Read More »

How to Add Freon to a Car?

Freon is the trade name for a colorless refrigerant; it is used in some car air conditioning systems, and also in commercial and residential refrigerators. You may need to add Freon to your car if... Read More »

How to Put Freon in My Car?

If your car's air conditioning system stops blowing cold air, chances are that you may need to add more freon. A mechanic can charge a lot of money to add freon, but the truth is that it is an easy... Read More »