How to Add Freon to a Car Air Conditioning Unit?

Answer Today's vehicles are made to travel hundreds of thousands of worry-free and maintenance-free miles. While there are usually few if any major problems before you reach 100,000 miles on a newer vehic... Read More »

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How do I add Freon to a home air conditioning unit?

Attach Gauge ManifoldTurn off the electricity (the breaker). Find the service valves, and attach a gauge manifold to the valves. The gauge manifold has two meters and three hoses. Attach one of the... Read More »

How often do you need to add freon to a central air conditioning unit?

Answer Never, an air conditioner is a closed system. If you need to add refrigerant you have a leak that needs to be repaired.In theory you should never have to add freon. but there can be some r... Read More »

What is in R-12 freon air conditioning?

R-12 coolant, sold under the brand name Freon, is made of dichlorodifluoromethane. It is a chloroflurocarbon halomethane, more commonly known as a CFC. This was the refrigerant used in automobile a... Read More »

What is in R12 freon air conditioning?

The gas in R-12 freon is called, dichlorodifluoromethane. It is considered a non-flammable gas. It is colorless, with an ether-like odor. At concentrations below 20 percent , it is odorless. Dichlo... Read More »