How to Add Compost to Plants?

Answer Compost is the product of organic matter, such as food or sewage, after it has decomposed. Adding compost to soil improves its texture and health by allowing more air space in between the particula... Read More »

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Should Bean Plants Be Used for Compost or Mulch?

You may use most bean plants for compost and mulch for your garden, but there are exceptions. Proper composting processes are essential to create good compost and mulch. ... Read More »

Can i compost flowers&nursery plants?

Both flowers and nursery plants may be composted. However, take care with diseased plants, or plants that have been sprayed with pesticides and herbicides. Compost piles must be tended so that they... Read More »

Can I compost flowers& nursery plants?

Plants and flowers make good additions to compost, whether dry or freshly clipped. Plants to avoid for compost include diseased flowers or nursery plants and any toxic or highly acidic plants.Sourc... Read More »

Which kind of compost helps Florida plants grow?

Florida's soil types range from loamy to sandy. Organic compost such as grass clippings, wood chips, peat moss and aged manure will enhance the soil's structure, aid in proper drainage and improve ... Read More »