How to Add Cheat Codes Batch Script?

Answer If you have ever made a game in batch, You may want to know how to resume exactly where you were before, or how to add cheat codes, that can be done by following these simple steps.

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How to Make a Large Game With Batch Script?

Before games with graphics came into existence (Meridian 59) things called MUDs, or Multi User Dungeons were the best games that they had. You can make a MUD using batch script. It will all be text... Read More »

How to Create a Text Based World With Batch Script?

You may have ever wanted to make a game, or at least know how. Text based worlds, large games with all words and ASCII art for pictures were the first games ever, then came the harder to make mmorp... Read More »

How to Build a Simple Computer Game Using Batch Script?

Batch script is a basic scripting language that runs on any Windows or MS DOS operating system, the functions are based on the commands for the command lines in these operating systems. Also its pr... Read More »

How to Enter Final Fantasy X Cheat Codes on Game Shark Codes?

The Game Shark is a disc that allows players to enter codes to modify gameplay on PlayStation 2 games. It can be used to cheat at “Final Fantasy X” by giving the player money, weapons, high sta... Read More »