How to Add BCAA to Whey?

Answer Whey protein is a nutritional supplement, widely used among those who are trying to gain muscle or just stay healthy. Whey protein comes in a variety of flavors and is usually sold in powder form. ... Read More »

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What is the pH of whey?

It varies based on how it's processed. Sweet whey is about 6.5 and acid whey is about 4.5. Most powdered whey used in supplements is sweet whey.

Does granola contain whey?

Whey protein or powder is often found in granola. It is possible to purchase granola without whey, but it might be more difficult to find. Look for packaging that says dairy free, as whey is a by-p... Read More »

How to Dehydrate Whey?

If you make yogurt, cheese or other curdled milk products, you will have some whey left over. Whey protein is popular as a protein drink powder for dieters and bodybuilders. It's also a tasty and p... Read More »

Should i get whey protein?

Whey is from milk. Milk is bad for you. If you're not afraid of the prions, then be afraid because it feeds cancer. You don't have to go vegan, but seriously stay away from whey.There is a lot of h... Read More »