How to Add Acid to Motorcycle Batteries?

Answer Constantly remove the battery prior to the charging, use only if this kind of battery is suggested by your motorcycle produce.

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What acid is in car batteries?

Lead-acid batteries use sulfuric acid that is watered down to help create a current of electricity. These batteries are able to generate 12 volts of electricity. Six lead cells inside the battery h... Read More »

How to Activate Wet Acid Batteries?

The battery in your car is one example of a a wet acid battery -- possibly the best-known type of battery as of 2011. Car batteries provide the power to start the car and operate many of the featur... Read More »

How Are Car Batteries Different From Motorcycle Batteries?

Car batteries perform a bigger job than motorcycle batteries, requiring them to be larger and more powerful. Car batteries carry more electrical capacity and put out a larger stream of electrical c... Read More »

What type of acid is used in automobile batteries?

Automobile batteries--sometimes referred to as "SLI" batteries for "Starting, Lighting and Ignition"--use lead plates and sulfuric acid combined with water to help deliver current to the starter mo... Read More »