How to Add Accounts with Good History to Your Credit Report?

Answer According to MyFico, your FICO credit score ranges from 300 to 850 and is based upon the information found in your credit report. The more positive data you have on your report, the higher your sco... Read More »

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Do closed accounts affect your credit report?

On One Hand: Closing Accounts Can HurtInformation reported to a credit bureau generally stays on your report for seven years. Thus, negative information from a closed account can adversely effect ... Read More »

When do delinquent accounts drop off your credit report?

Most negative information remains on your credit report for seven years; if you file for bankruptcy, it can be reported for 10 years. Unpaid judgments against you remain on your report for seven ye... Read More »

How to Show Years of Good Payment History on a Credit Report?

In many cases, a creditor can gauge your payment history by simply downloading the credit report through an electronic service. If for some reason you must provide a printed credit report to a cred... Read More »

How do I delete negative accounts off of a credit report?

DisputeObtain a copy of the credit report and identify negative accounts (charge-offs, for instance, may show with marking "R9" or words "charged off," and accounts may be noted as late.) Write eac... Read More »