How to Adapt if Your Lens Is Too Sharp?

Answer You might have a really good lens that you just adore and spent a lot of money on...but it seems to show every 'flaw' when you are taking a picture of the wife or the mother!! There are times when ... Read More »

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Which Nikon lens is for best sharp portrait shots?

It has the POTENTIAL for sharp pro looking pictures. But the reality is up to the person using it.Here's some examples of a shots taken with a Nikon 50mm f/1.8 Read More »

You recently purchased a quantaray lens 28-200mm D aspherical lens for your nikon D80 camera The lens will not focus on a subject unless you are at least 3 feet away Why is that's?

No. Architectural photography requires control over converging vertical lines. Anytime you shoot a building and don't hold the camera perfectly perpendicular to the building's surface, the vertical... Read More »

I have sharp LC-22LEF20M,when i attached dvd to sharp led volume is low?

check the dvd player volume.....check audio cable .....................use another dvd.....maybe it is bad .

You've been experencing morning sickness and sharp pains in your left side and a tingling sharp pain in your stomach frequent urination and fatique you also have been having a brown tissuey discharge?

AnswerSome women do. I didn't crave anything but I did go off coffee, tea (common) chocolate and baked jacket potatoes.AnswerSome women do, some don't. Some women never have any weird cravings, and... Read More »