How to Adapt Homework for ESOL Students?

Answer English speakers of other languages, or ESOL, students have to work very hard to keep up with their classmates. They generally have to work harder to complete a piece of homework than native Englis... Read More »

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Resources for ESOL Students?

Learning a new language can be difficult. Fortunately for English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Students, there are resources available, many of them free or inexpensive. The ESOL exams re... Read More »

Activities for ESOL Students?

Learning English as a second language is certainly not easy. In order for students to improve their English skills, they have to do more than just passively listen to a lecture. Students should be ... Read More »

Teacher Strategies for ESOL Students?

The initials ESOL stand for English for Speakers of Other Languages. ESOL students aim to master spoken and written English in addition to their native languages. English as a second language learn... Read More »

How to Effectively Teach ESOL Students?

The difference between thriving and failing for ESOL students often depends on the quality of their instruction. ESOL students face many barriers when learning English, from pronunciation to the co... Read More »